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Year 1766, location unknown
Somewhere in a land far away is a little peaceful village. But it wasn’t like the average village like we know of today or in that era. No, all the inhabitants aren’t  humane and the houses are very big. This was just a peaceful dragon village. But on a certain day the peace in one of the houses was disturbed. A female dragon was giving birth. But it wasn’t like an average birth. No, she gave birth to three dragon eggs. Normally a dragon would lay one to two eggs. When a dragon lays three eggs the third egg would ,in most cases, die. That is because the third eggs are always weaker. It never happened before that a third egg hatched. So they couldn’t predict what would happen one year from now. And they also didn’t know that it would mean that an era of disaster and destruction would start. Except for the elder dragons. They foresaw the tragedy and wanted to prevent the catastrophe. But they would end up in a failure. It was pure fate.
One year later.
Many dragons surrounded one house. You could hear the words ’’unbelievable’’ and ‘’ miracle’’. Finally the door opened and a female dragon stepped through the door. Shortly after that two other little dragons appeared. One slightly red and the other slightly blue. ‘come on you don’t have to be afraid’ the female dragon said. Then another dragon came outside. This one was very small and looked very weak like it could die at any moment. The third dragon that just stepped through the door was a little bit yellow. No one could believe it. A dragon mother with three children. That never happened before. The mother dragon took the little one’s on her back and flew away. Towards the mountains. It is normal for a female dragon that after the eggs have hatched that she visits the male dragon, the father of three little dragons. The female dragon flew towards a mountain in a snow biome. The little dragons however wouldn’t suffer from the cold because they were heated by the body warmth of their mother. There on the mountain was a black spot. It was a cave. After half a day of flying she finally arrived at the cave. There was the father. His scales looked as green as emerald and is eyes as red as a ruby. It was a very young and handsome dragon. The female dragon showed her offspring to the male dragon. Is reaction however was not that good. He looked angry. ’’why….why now…. Saphier escape with the children somewhere save.’’ ‘’why?’’ she asked. ‘’ because the era of the black dragon is going to start at any moment now. Now ,my love, fly. Fly as far as you can. And if it’s possible then leave this planet.’’ The male dragon said. ‘’ no. no more running. I promised to someone that I wouldn’t run anymore. That I would protect those who are precious to me. Please come with me and protect these children… please….’’ . she begged and begged but the male dragon didn’t want to come with her. Or rather couldn’t come with because of his past. ‘’you know I can’t come with you. You know why I was banned. You know and yet you are begging me to go there. It just isn’t possible. I’m sorry…’’ . then the female dragon left once again to return home. Knowing that he would come. He would come soon… the journey back home was longer then the way to the cave. For safety Saphier took a detour so that she would be certain that her children wouldn’t meet him. That dragon…. What did that dragon go through Saphier thought. Probably horrible things… and where would he come from? The dessert biome? The snow biome? The forest biome or the sea biome? So many questions and none answered. She was afraid. Afraid of what would come. The black dragon would come and a new era would start. An era of destruction. After the era of destruction there would be an era of peace again. But to get to that era of peace they had to fight and defeat the black dragon. Everyone wondered how they could beat it. So for several years they had been building a defence around the village. This took many years. But it was finished and ready to hold down an attack. But still some dragons were still afraid and telling everyone that the defence wouldn’t hold. The elder dragons said this. They know a lot and when they say that something doesn’t work then it wouldn’t work. But the villagers were naïve and didn’t listen to anything they said. That was because that defence was their only hope. Saphier thought about the defence and the words of the elders once again. ‘’this defence is too weak! It will not work against the black dragon. That is because the black dragon doesn’t attack with just flames but also with despair! despair of the world. The defence will only stop the flames but not the red beam of despair. So, please listen to us! Evacuate now! And you female dragon who gave birth to three eggs and hatched them all…. You didn’t listen to the law. But we understand. One cannot kill their own children. For this time we will forgive you but if something like this happens again then you will just like your husband be banned from this land and then you must suffer in the cold. Now then, let us evacuate!’’ ‘’no! we refuse! What will we be if we go further from this place? An open pray! That is not what I want and not what the rest wants! If we stay here then we will be safe from his fire! Maybe not for his beam of despair but if we attack together then we can beat this dragon!’’ the mayor said. The mayor was not very old. So he had less experience then the elders. But he did have the townspeople behind him. ‘’as you wish… then so be it! We elders leave this town and will be the pray on an open ground! But we will survive. And you won’t’’ one of the elders said. Then they left the village. Everyone wondered what to do without their wisdom. So the mayor spoke. ‘’ people don’t be afraid. I am here to protect you and you to protect me. We have each other to protect. And we will survive!’’. And so the villagers kept their faith. Now that she thought of it maybe it was a better idea to follow the elders. No, the children are safer in the village then outside the village. When she finally reached the village, the streets were empty. No one there. Just an empty street with no light in the houses. This is strange… Saphier thought. She went to her house and entered it. The children immediately went to the playroom. Then they stopped in front of the open door. There was someone there. ‘’ what’s wrong? Is there a spider in the room? Spiders aren’t so very scary.’’ But the children shook their head. Then finally the oldest dragon (the red one) spoke. ‘’ m-m-mommy, t-t-there i-i-iss s-s-someone h-h-here…the oldest said. The little dragon was so afraid that he was barely able to speak. ‘’oh? Who is there? Hello? Go aside kids let mom take a look.’’ And then she saw it. Completely black with a red gem on its chest. ‘’hello’’ a dark voice said. ‘’ w-w-who goes there?’’ Saphier asked. ‘’it’s me. The one that you all fear. Don’t worry I haven’t killed anyone yet. They are just sleeping.’’ The dark voice spoke again. It was him. that it would happen now. No. this had to be a dream. A nightmare. All I had to do is to wake up. Wake up! Please wake up! But she didn’t wake up. This wasn’t a dream. This was real. Then the voice spoke again. ‘’ I just came here to visit these beautiful children of yours. Ah a new era. One made of darkness and the king will be me. It just all sounds so wonderful. Now then I didn’t just come to visit you. No, I came to negotiate. I know your defence pretty well and I could just burn down this beautiful village. But I didn’t because I am in such a happy mood.’’ ‘’what do you want you creep!’’ Saphier said. ‘’Now then this is what I want. I want to teach your kids how to fight. Do not worry I won’t try to get them in darkness. By the way I don’t want to kill dragons. I just want to stop them from attacking me or blocking me. But if I must then I will kill one. How many years has it been since that day…. About 260 years right? Since that horrible night I just want to kill them. But to kill them all at a fast pace, I will need a few more dragons. Three to be exactly. Now you happened to have three beautiful kids. They just look perfect for the job. I want to train them until the day of the attack. They will go to the normal dragon school but their grades will be terrible. On purpose. Then in the afternoon and part of the evening they will train with me. And then they will return to you. I won’t kill them. I am not evil. Just bad. Very bad. Now do we have a deal? If we don’t then I will just kill everyone in this village including you and just take your kids with me. I will tell them a false story that they will believe and I will be their saviour. They will fall into darkness and then we will kill those things. Which idea is best? The first or the second? Your choice now.’’ The dark voice just kept talking. It wasn’t so very difficult to choose. It was between a little bit of darkness or a lot of darkness. She made her choice. ‘’ fine, you may teach my children. But can you please promise me that no harm will be done?’’ she begged. The voice replied with ‘’ I am a very strong dragon. No one can just defeat me.’’. and then it vanished. Just like that. He was there on that spot just a second ago. She could barely believe it herself. Why was this happening to her? ‘’ I should’ve killed it after all…’’ ‘’mom? We’re tired. Can bring us to bed and read a story?’’ the blue like dragon asked. The other two yawned at the same time. Saphier let out a little giggle when she saw that.  It was very cute. Then she remembered about what just happened. She hated it. She didn’t want to give her children to that black dragon. However he did speak the truth that he wasn’t completely evil. He would’ve killed everybody in the village if he really was evil. Or did he have a plan to kill everyone of later? She didn’t know. Everything in her life had become uncertain. What if… no, she shouldn’t think like that. She had to be optimistic. ‘’alright, everyone time for bed! Let me tell you a story. A long time ago dragons didn’t live here. No they lived somewhere else. A place where the dragons were the rulers of the animals. If there were too many of a certain species then that would become our food. If a specie was going extinct then we would try to protect it. But there was also another specie that had a mind of its own. They called themselves humans. They were with many so we went to the villages and ate some of the people. Then we found out that these humans kept order by having a leader. They called it a king or emperor. So we took the offspring of the leader and kept them at our caves. Foolish humans would come in armour made of steel. We dragons just burned them down or ate them alive. But then specialized humans came. They called themselves dragon slayers. Some of them succeeded in killing one of us and free a princess. But they had to walk back the way to the village with open wounds. The humans couldn’t take it anymore. They went all out with their giant slingshots. They fired fireballs into our caves and burned down the forest. Many of us died. Some dragons were able to call up a new power. Ready for when it really had to be used. It was the power to make a portal. A portal to the world we live in today. They copied the humans and started building villages on this side of the planet. The only side that is liveable for us normal dragons. Some other dragons do live on that side. The side with extreme heat or cold. Or dangerous seas and then the forest where anybody could get lost in an instant. The giant forest maze. Only animals who lived there could find the way in and out. This is a world where only the strongest can survive. But some take that to the extreme. And just kill of all the weak who could’ve become strong. No chance of survival. Certain death. The black dragon is one of those extreme dragons. Even though we are supposed to keep nature balanced. But I believe that we can return to that world one day. Somewhere in the future we may even cooperate with the humans. The specie itself isn’t hostile. There rather passive or neutral. So I will believe.’’ . and so the four the dragons peacefully felt asleep. Only to be woken in the morning. ‘’what the… what is going on outside…?’’ Saphier said with the sleep still lingering in her eyes. ‘’ I’ll see what’s going on and you three stay here’’ she said. ‘’look at the side of this house! Who could’ve done that?!’’ a dragon villager said. Saphier stepped outside and looked at the wall of her house. She was completely stunned from the shock. On the wall it said ‘I am coming for you’ and the it was written there with blood. Next to it there was a dead animal hanging. It was so damaged that you couldn’t even see what kind of animal it was. Of course Saphier knew who did that. It was the black dragon. But she wasn’t able to say it. She just couldn’t and it reminded her of yesterday evening again. About the deal they had. ‘’ I’ll have to clean it later’’ she muttered to herself. Then she also spotted the mayor. She saw his face that showed the expression of fear. He also knew who did this. ‘’ there is nothing to see now get back to your work and children.’’ The mayor shouted. Still the same expression. Fear. He feared the black dragon a lot. I was even able to see him shake and tremble. But no one else saw. He walked up to me and whispered: ’’he was here this night, wasn’t he? Did he do something to you?’’ it was the mayor so I had to answer. ‘’he offered me a deal. Or he will teach my kids to battle after normal school and leaves the villagers alone or he would kill everyone and still take the kids. He also was talking about not wanting to kill dragons. But I am fine. Thank you for asking. And don’t worry. He won’t kill anybody. He promised me that. And he isn’t completely evil. Just a little madness mixed with badness. You know I actually brought the city in danger but I also saved it.’’ Saphier said. She was still horrified by the blood on the wall. And the animal horrified her the most. The dead animal did have claws that was still recognizable. But the rest…. Saphier shudders as she thinks of it again. How terrible. After a while of thinking the mayor finally answered. ‘’fine, I’ll let him have his way of doing things but don’t let me regret my decision. Okay?’’. I nod in agreement afraid of being expelled with my kids to the extreme colds. There was no one, but the animals that normally live there, that could survive at that place. And I also have the kids. I quickly got rid of the thought and brought the kids to school. They learnt there how to fly, breath fire and most important the tales of our ancestors. The history about that place… what was it called again..? I couldn’t come up with the name. we arrived at school and I said the kids goodbye. ‘’hey teacher’’ Saphier asked. ‘’yes what is it?’’ ‘’someone else will pick up my kids when school is over. Okay?’’ ‘’oh? But your husband was banned from here wasn’t he?’’ the teacher said. I absolutely didn’t like it that the teacher just said that like it was nothing. So I tried to reply as calmly as I could. ’’yes but someone else then him. Now don’t get further involved in my business because I don’t like it’’. Those words just flew out of my mouth and before I knew it I said it. ‘’alright, alright now calm down…. I’ve heard about your house this morning and I think it’s a prank. But I am very sorry for my rude behaviour. Now if you’ll excuse me I’ve got work to do. And so do you don’t you?’’ the teacher answered. What she just said just got me really angry. So I just walked away towards my work. That reminded me that I was going to be late. And the boss doesn’t like late comers. No the boss would rather punish the ones who were late. Luckily I am a quick flyer and that’s why I got there just in time. I work at the mountain close to our village. The boss was already counting down as I stroke down. ‘’eight! Seven! Six!’’ the boss yelled. It was so loud that I had to cover my ears just like everyone else. At the count of four another two dragons landed next to me. ‘’two! One! Time’s up!  everybody get to work while I punish the late comers! ‘’ ‘’yes boss!’’ everyone replied. And so we started to work. What we had to do is mine out the stone and the ore in it. If it had to be smelted then you had to do that with your own fire. Not very difficult but it did drain some of your energy. And that energy was really needed here at work. I mean you have to carve out the rocks in a very dark tunnel where it’s really cold. You then need your energy to keep yourself warm. And I am not saying that we use fire to stay warm. No just the normal body warmth. We aren’t complete reptiles. No we are far more advanced than those animals. Oh look! It’s gold! ‘’boss! Boss! Boss!’’ I shouted ‘’what is it!? It better be important or else!’’ the boss said. ‘’look boss I have found gold!’’ I said that full of happiness. The ones that find gold will be rewarded. ‘’oh yes that looks like a fine piece of gold. You will get promoted.’’ The boss said ‘’you will now….only smelt ores!’’. That is a giant promotion since you’d normally had to dig out the ores out yourselves. The ones who find diamonds will get a load of money and barely have to do anything. They just have to see if the ores are properly smelted. If not then punishment follows. The punishment was very harsh. Those who were punished had to work two hours longer. Even though we had great physical strength ,this work was very hard and long. All of a sudden the earth started shaking. That meant just one thing. A cave-in. this one was right at the opening. So that we were trapped in this cave. A large amount of rocks were lying there right at the spot where the entrance was. It wasn’t there anymore. Then I smelled a very strange scent. Shortly after this I felt dizzy and light headed. Then everything went black.
it's fantasy and autobiography
you'll see the autobiography later
choosing the right category is so difficult, jeez
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